About us

More than the highest quality. This is mainly what characterises POBURSKI Dachtechnik.  We are one of the leaders. Our experience is backed with many successes - we have implemented  more than 7 000 000 m2 of flat roofs and facades that are characterised by a close to zero rate of defects. We professionally and competently implement standard and custom projects. We are distinguished by our design and implementation, also in terms of renovation. We are designing, implementing, optimising, performing thermal-dampness and static calculations in accordance with EN and PN standards. For us a bituminous roof is not better than a membrane roof - and vice-versa. It is its function that decides. Our management and executive staff have over 25 years of experience gathered on European markets. We have knowledge that allows us to design and implement projects in accordance with FM Global insurer requirements. We achieve highest quality also thanks to projects' implementation by our own executive team. In co-operation with POBURSKI Futura we are implementing original parking surfaces. Apart from compliance with EN and PN standards, we design and implement in accordance with such European standards as IFD (The International Federation for the Roofing Trade), IFBS (The Industrial Association for Metal Building Constructions) and DAFA (Association of Flat Roofing and Facade Contractors).   Thanks to that POBURSKI Dachtechnik has became a synonym for: - competence, - know-how, - highest quality, - reliability, - timeliness, - innovation, - partnership, - spreading a design-implementation culture.   By not contacting us, you will miss out on the chance to co-operate with one of the best companies on both the European and Polish market.   Important dates for POBURSKI Dachtechnik: - 2002 - first renovation, - 2004 - first POBURSKI parking system in Poland, - 2006 - co-operation at founding DAFA, whose first CEO was A. Wdowiak, the CEO of POBURSKI Dachtechnik - 2006 - first heated ramp in Poland, - 2006 - first 50,000, - 2009 - POBURSKI Dachtechnik 10th anniversary in Poland, - 2011 - first facade made of composite sheets.